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PV Mission Tschad

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Solar System Makes Béthel Education Centre in Chad Less Dependent on Diesel

Having access to electricity at all times of the day was certainly not taken for granted at Centre Béthel, a Catholic education centre in Chad. Its supply of energy, and therefore also water, was dependent on diesel generators, which could only be operated a few hours a day because of the high costs…


Soteria Battery

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The Power of an (Almost) Open Innovation Approach to Battery Materials | Brian Morin, CEO, Soteria Battery Innovation Group

Today, lithium ion batteries catch fire every day. One need only do a Google Images search on “lithium battery fire” to see images of fantastic blazes and dismal burns. It is an issue that is growing as batteries proliferate from our pockets and computers to our wrists, cars and houses. And as…


Fig. 1 Graphical summary of challenges currently faced by Li/air batteries. The four main hurdles are the poor rate capability (top left), i.e. the ability of Li/air cells to deliver enough power; the high charge overvoltage (top right), which leads to low Coulombic effi ciency; the decomposition of the active materials (bottom left), which causes a low cycle life; and the reactivity of the lithium metal anode (bottom right), which poses serious safety threats.

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Lithium-Air Battery: The Holy Grail of Electric Vehicle Industry

Imagine if Elon Musk met a genie who could grant him any one wish, what would he wish for; especially when even genie can’t take him to Mars; then definitely he would wish to have a battery pack with energy density similar to that of gasoline; because when more than perfectly designed Tesla cars are…


EuPD Research

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Energy Storage Insights – From the View of French Solar Installers

France is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most important PV rooftop markets in Europe. It was one of the first markets to introduce a feed-in tariff, and is known for paying a premium on building-integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV). However, after many years of decreasing and stagnating…


NAWA Technologies pilot nano-manufacturing

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Structural Batteries Are Set to Revolutionise Energy Storage

Using a combination of nano-engineering and sustainable materials, French company NAWA Technologies believes it can turn ordinary objects into energy storage devices. The company’s founder, Pascal Boulanger, explains more.