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Why Containers Are Not a Slam-Dunk Solution for Battery Energy Storage

With battery prices dropping, an end to battery shortages on the horizon, and unprecedented deployment predicted over the next six years, the energy industry is likely at or near the tipping point for energy storage from pilot projects to prime time.


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The Coronavirus Pandemic Could Derail Renewable Energy’s Progress. Governments Can Help.

As the world deals with an unprecedented global health crisis, the economic shock waves have rippled through the renewable energy sector, threatening to derail its progress.


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COVID-19: Clean Energy Challenges and Opportunities

Clean energy projects face uncertainty as global recession looms, but stimulus packages could help keep a low-carbon future on track.


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Digging for the Truth: The Future of Green Mining in Africa

The key to unlocking Africa’s renewable energy sector lies in industrial applications like mining. The unique, but demanding use case offers untapped potential for renewable energy and storage solutions.


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Options for High Power Charging

The new generation of high power chargers allows compact designs for charging stations with small footprints and high efficiency. The higher power density facilitates the installation of fast chargers in high numbers. However, the increasing demand on power challenges available grid connections.