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Is the All-solid-state Battery the Future of Lithium Technology?

Blue Solutions, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group, stands out from its competitors by offering the worlds first only solid-sate lithium battery: the Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP®) battery. This new technology offers a high level of safety and performance, with no climate control requirements, for…


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Production of Next-gen Ultracapacitors Set to Begin in Provence

With the ultracapacitor market set to grow to £3bn within the next four years, Ulrik Grape, CEO of NAWA Technologies tells us why this pioneering French start-up is ideally placed to take advantage of increasing global demand


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How You Can Benefit From a Microgrid System

The value of installing a microgrid system varies if you’re located in Western Europe where you can access a reliable grid or in Africa where you need to cope with unreliable grid situation. But what’s common across the globe is that you can benefit from a microgrid by stacking the value streams and…


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Facing the EV Charging Challenge

In 1900, one in three cars on American roads ran on electricity. Then oil began gushing out of Texas. Cost and worries about limited range have kept electric vehicles (EVs) in a niche ever since. In a decade or so, EVs will rule the streets once more. And this time gushing oil will not prevail.


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Smart Plug/Play Photovoltaics with Storage Capabilities – SolMate by the Austrian Start-Up EET

Guerilla plug-in photovoltaics is a broadly discussed topic nowadays and regulations show a clear tendency towards liberalization. A new player – the Start-Up EET – came up with an innovative system, that is equipped with a measurement technology and a small puffer storage compound to upgrade the…