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Transforming Any Elevator to be Energy-Intelligent with Supercapacitors

Traction lifts consume energy while also generating energy. However, there are different ways to use this energy. Commonly, the energy is wasted or returned to the grid which requires special filters. A different solution is the storage of the generated energy in supercapacitors.


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Battery Storage Systems for Commercial and Industrial Applications – A Cost-Effective Way of Paving the Way Towards the Energy Transition Based on 100% Renewables?

What exactly are energy storage systems? Are they the Achilles heel of the energy transition, as some media spin doctors have been peddling for years ? Or are they "the strategic key element for the general application of a given energy source", as Herrmann Scheer, recipient of the Alternative Nobel…


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High Performers in the Residential Storage Market

The ENERGY STORAGE Inspection 2019 reveals the currently most efficient battery storage systems available on the market. The ranking is based on laboratory measurements of 16 storage devices from renowned companies like BYD, LG Chem, Siemens, SMA and sonnen.


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Accelerating Markets for Battery Storage in Developing Countries

A first-of-its-kind World Bank Group Battery Storage program aims to fast-track global investments in battery storage, so it can be deployed affordably and at scale in developing countries, including some of the fastest growing economies in the world.


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Energy Storage in Brazil

Brazil is the world’s ninth largest economy. While the country’s recent economic development has been experiencing its ups and downs, Brazil’s electricity sector is definitely worth a closer look.