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Facing the EV Charging Challenge

In 1900, one in three cars on American roads ran on electricity. Then oil began gushing out of Texas. Cost and worries about limited range have kept electric vehicles (EVs) in a niche ever since. In a decade or so, EVs will rule the streets once more. And this time gushing oil will not prevail.


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Smart Plug/Play Photovoltaics with Storage Capabilities – SolMate by the Austrian Start-Up EET

Guerilla plug-in photovoltaics is a broadly discussed topic nowadays and regulations show a clear tendency towards liberalization. A new player – the Start-Up EET – came up with an innovative system, that is equipped with a measurement technology and a small puffer storage compound to upgrade the...


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E-mobility for the Future: Storage-based 320 kW Fast "High Power Charging" Solution for the Limited-power Low-voltage Grid

The new "HPC-Booster" battery storage system by ADS-TEC ensures that charging times are as short as possible, even on the low-voltage grid, in cooperation with fast charging stations. ADS-TEC is nominated for this year’s ees AWARD, which is presented by the organizers of ees Europe in cooperation...


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Digital Twins to Boost Battery Storage Profitability

TWAICE uses digital twins to precisely determine and predict the condition of a battery. The software solution empowers battery storage operators to drive their economic battery value and enables comprehensive li-ion battery insurance solutions. The market for energy storage systems is rapidly...


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Sustainable Saving of Finite Fossil Resources – Residential Energy Storage Solutions

Our goal for the future is to allow customers to store their own electricity, which they produce via their PV system, wind turbine or water turbine, in their homes with very little effort and at low costs. There are various options for this with new battery storage systems that can be purchased,...