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The Energy Transition in the Arab World: From Vision to Reality

It is safe to say that the UAE has been the pioneer in the Middle East when it comes to transitioning to renewable energies. Solar PV is by far the leading technology with energy storage, energy efficiency and others only recently moving into the focus of planners as an integral part of sustainable…


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Lithium-ion Battery Production: Smarter Fabs – Smaller Costs

With e-mobility poised to become a mass market and the generation of renewable energy on course for further growth, the current capacities for the production of lithium-ion, or Li-Ion, battery cells are not going to be enough. As a result, new factories are slated for construction worldwide.…


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The Immense Social and Economic Benefits Of Aggregated Residential Energy Storage Systems—or, Virtual Power Plants

With wildfires raging and blackouts drearing, the benefits of residential energy storage systems are evident. But aggregated systems - or, virtual power plants - have other immense advantages as well.


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The Future of Residential Photovoltaic Systems and Energy Storage in the Face of Rising Electricity Costs and the Fade-Out of State-Guaranteed Feed-In Tariffs

With the increased awareness of climate change and the desire to reduce the own carbon footprint, coupled with increasing electricity prices and fading out feed-in tariffs, as well as ever more efficient and affordable renewable energy solutions, PV systems in combination with energy storage systems…


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Transforming Any Elevator to be Energy-Intelligent with Supercapacitors

Traction lifts consume energy while also generating energy. However, there are different ways to use this energy. Commonly, the energy is wasted or returned to the grid which requires special filters. A different solution is the storage of the generated energy in supercapacitors.