The application process for the ees AWARD is entirely online. In order to take part in this process, you must register on this website.

Registration is also possible outside of the submission period. As a registered participant, you will never miss any appointments or deadlines. We’ll keep you up-to-date and you will receive timely emails with all important information and reminders about the ees AWARD.

Additional important information to download:

Tips for a successful application
Overview of the questions to be answered
Conditions of Participation

Submission Period 2019

Applications for the ees AWARD can be submitted via the AWARD Portal from December 2018 – February 2019.


Once you have registered, you will receive your personal access data for the Intersolar AWARD Portal. During the application period, you can use this portal to submit your application. Applications can be edited up to the application deadline.

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If you have previously registered for the Intersolar AWARD, you should use the link below. Do NOT register again.

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Eligible Attendees


Applications are welcome from exhibitors of all worldwide Intersolar, ees, Power2Drive und EM-Power 2019 exhibitions.

Not only the exhibitors themselves, but also any companies they are affiliated with may participate. This includes all companies in a group of affiliated companies (parent company and subsidiaries).

In the category Outstanding Projects (part of The smarter E AWARD), project owners (=the legal proprietor of the complete installation or system) are also eligible to participate.

Exhibitor of / Project Ownerees AWARDThe smarter E AWARDIntersolar AWARD
ees Europe 2018   
ees North Am. 2018   
ees India 2018   
Intersolar Europe 2018   
Intersolar North Am. 2018   
Intersolar South Am. 2018   
Intersolar India 2018   
Intersolar South Am. 2017   
Intersolar Middle East 2017   
Intersolar India 2017   
Power2Drive Europe 2018   
EM-Power 2018   
Project Owners