Energy Depot Deutschland GmbH - CENTURIO Energy Storage System

Energy Depot Germany develops, produces, and services energy storage systems, and energy management systems. Their Centurio Energy Storage System is designed to store, invert, distribute, and manage PV energy. It can be used for grid parallel and three-phase off-operation with instant load compensation. The DC-coupled system comprises the Centurio 10 hybrid inverter, DOMUS 4.1 batteries, and the Vectis 30 smart power switch and meter. The system is optimized for balanced feed in on all three phases (symmetry). The three-phase energy storage system also includes an emergency power function. This novel approach impressed the jury with its innovative design approach to create an inverter specialized in energy storage systems. The modular and scalable system has a high partial-load efficiency from 20 percent of the nominal load on. This enables photovoltaic yields to be consumed directly with low energy losses or to be stored in the batteries, thereby increasing self-consumption of solar power and helping to balance the grid.

LG Chem - Stand-alone Battery Module (SBM)

Since 1947, LG Chem has served as Korea's representative chemical company, producing and developing innovative materials and solutions in IT, electronics, and energy. The stand-alone battery module SBM by LG Chem is a separate multi-purpose energy storage solution with a high-energy density of up to 227Wh/l, and can be used in a wide variety of applications including in off-grid supply solutions. The SBM functions as a building block and reliable battery source for system integrators. A very compact battery module, the master module also monitors slave modules, and its one-touch button automatically registers each module’s ID to the system. The jury was impressed by the easy system connection and integration of up to 10 battery modules in rackets up to 65 Wh. The system is durable, and easily maintained, retaining 80 percent of its initial capacity after 10 years. Additionally, the system works with most battery inverters, is space efficient, and designed to fit into a standard 19-inch rack, all of which convinced the jury of its outstanding character.


Founded in 1993, SOLARWATT offers intelligent decentralized photovoltaic systems to private households and small businesses. Solarwatt Matrix is a concept that employs two intelligent, standardized, interconnected building blocks that create tailor-made energy storage systems. This highly modular system allows expansion to the MW and MWh range, from private homes to large commercial installations. The MATRIX Command unit enables many different combinations and variations, and offers a wide range of interfaces for optimal energy supply and grid connection. The lithium ion battery unit Matrix Pack can store energy from any kind of source, and has a maximum input of 900 V. These lithium ion cells have extremely low internal resistance and a high cycle life. The system is fully compatible with almost all inverters. Lightweight and compact, the system is easy to transport, to install and to maintain. An open software interface enables VPP integration, and fits most household and commercial installations without any additional housing requirements. The jury applauds Solarwatt’s commitment to innovative battery integration in the PV string.

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