AWARD Testimonials

Roland Burkhardt

CEO, Energy Depot GmbH

"We have been very pleased being nominated and named as winner of the ees AWARD 2017. Energy storage requires stable and functional systems to secure energy supply at home and for business - at any time. During and after the exhibition the ees AWARD has clearly boosted the interest in the CENTURIO energy storage system and we have been able to gain significant attention resulting in multiple additional orders. It is great getting the technical effort honored by visible commercial success. We will continue the path leading to independent energy supply."


Stefan Krokowski

Head of Sales & Marketing, LG Chem Ltd.

“We feel honored by receiving the ees Award twice in a row and I would like to thank the members of the jury for acknowledging our endeavors put into our Stand-alone Battery Module. Due to its compactness, flexibility and modular design, the Stand-alone Battery Module is well appreciated by our customers, resulting in positive feedback from the market. We look forward to reach a higher degree of customer satisfaction through continued technological improvements of our ESS products.”

Jörg Erdmann

VP of Marketing and Communication, Solarwatt GmbH

"Our excitement over entering MyReserve Matrix in the 2017 competition was directly influenced by our amazing experience winning in 2015. We feel a great deal of pride displaying the award seal alongside our products in brochures, roll-up banners, and other marketing collateral. It sends a signal to those who know the industry well that we have been weighed, measured, and awarded accordingly!"