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AWARD Testimonials

Mats Karlström

VP Sales & Marketing, Ferroamp Elektronik

"We are excited about the ees award. The exposure during the Intersolar/ees exhibition gave us new contacts with potential partners. They especially seem to appreciate that the EnergyHub system allow them to offer new services with a more scalable and flexible PV solar and storage solution.”

Santiago Senn

Director Energy Storage System, LG Chem

"It is a great honor for LG Chem to receive the ees Award 2016 and we would like to thank both the jury and organizers. Right after the ees exhibition, we launched our new RESU product line. The feedback about its compactness, technical Performance and pricing level has been overwhelmingly positive. We are very happy to change the energy world and charge the life of our customers."

Thomas Thierschmidt

Product Management BU-Residential, SMA Solar Technology AG

"We are very happy to receive this award. The Sunny Boy Storage combines cost-effectiveness as it uses standard PV technology with the maximum flexibility of an AC-coupled battery inverter for high-voltage batteries. It makes it easy to  install storage systems into existing or new PV plants. The Sunny Boy Storage is thus a logical addition to a wide variety of self-consumption tariffs as well as a genuine alternative to feed-in tariffs that are about to expire or zero export requirements."